Transvault Software Ltd

Situation: High Growth, Rapid Change

  • Transvault Software had been through a period of rapid growth and significant change
  • The business had recently brought in a new CEO
  • The leadership team needed to come together and identify a clear positioning for the business as it moved forward in the next stage of their business development

Solution:  A Team Away Day to Reset & Reinvigorate

  • We facilitated an engaging team away day, addressing both external and internal issues
  • Customer mapping: now and in 2028 enabled the team to identify their future customer mix
  • This was matched to core strategic elements: old product vs new product, revenue vs profit and how best to prioritise and engage internal teams in both areas
  • The team re-engaged with the business vision and values and committed to putting them into practice
  • Individuals reflected on the impact of the company’s rapid growth on their roles and responsibilities, identifying areas which needed to change as the business moved forward
  • The team co-created expectations of each other and how they would work together going forward with a clear action plan

Impact: One United Team

  • The leadership team has developed a meaningful, strategic plan from which to progress their business
  • Individuals are now holding each other to account for new and enhanced ways of working together more effectively

“We have engaged Jo on multiple occasions with very positive results. It’s easy to convince yourself that you can undertake meaningful reviews and discussions, but only when you engage someone like Jo that you realise the better outcomes which are achievable.

Jo took the time before each engagement to discuss our needs and worked collaboratively to understand the issues and opportunities. She created a safe space each time in which our team felt comfortable to talk openly, and she “read the room” to allow things to go where they needed but never off-topic.

Her custom approach avoided cookie-cutter sessions, which just tick boxes and don’t deliver results. As a result, we were able, in a very short space of time, to have some searching and positive debate and conclude with a meaningful plan from which to progress. On each occasion, Jo has been passionate about our business and targets, and the continuity of her engagement meant that there has been an ease with which we can bring her into our strategic planning.”

Darwin Lee, CEO

“Your passion and professionalism is clear to all…………………. Thank you for  making it so enjoyable…………You certainly are a great facilitator.”

Paul Snape, CFO