Events designed for your specific business needs…

We are experienced at running bespoke team building events at your place of work or an off-site venue of your choice. We will work with you to design full or half day events that get the results you need.

Sessions we run often involve elements such as:

Pause, Reset and Commitment

A session to hit pause and refocus on what needs to happen to move forward successfully:

  • To refocus on purpose, success criteria and key activities
  • To understand roles, responsibilities and dependencies on other teams or departments
  • To understand the dynamics of the team and how to work better ‘as one’
  • To identify and commit to team and individual actions

Team Values and Behaviours

A session with a team, group or whole organisation:

  • To co-create Values, Behaviours and expected ways of working
  • To generate engagement with what’s required for future success


A session to bring individuals together to build a basis of empathy and understanding

  • To share experiences and perspectives
  • To gain appreciation and understanding
  • To think about and value the experience of others
  • To agree what individuals need from each other and together and create an action plan / agreement

Healthy Conflict

  • To understand the nature of conflict and how to ensure it’s healthy
  • To understand own and other’s reactions within a conflict situation to build empathy and understand how best to keep conflict healthy

Thinking Space and Idea Generation

  • To facilitate thinking, either as individuals or in small groups
  • To generate and/or develop ideas, open up thinking and gain insight
  • To allow everyone to contribute and feel part of the solution
  • To generate consensus around meaningful action

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