Team Building has to be more than just a fun day out

A BBC article I read recently said “the words ‘team building’ may stoke fear in our hearts” – well here is a secret: they often have for me too. And that’s as someone who has been involved in running events for teams over 20 years or so.

There are plenty of examples of why people dread being coerced to go on a team build in this article written for the BBC – it’s about virtual and in-person events.

Too many ‘fun’ events I have attended personally, have heard about through friends and colleagues, or I see being advertised, are not relevant to the work or roles of those involved and so have limited engagement and impact.

With low-level investment at about £150-£250 per person for a day’s team build, it’s a business investment that should be considered as such.

The things that block teams from working at their best won’t be solved by an afternoon kayaking, paintballing or go-karting. This Forbes article makes the point really well.

the things that block teams from working at their best won’t be solved by an afternoon paintballing or go-karting

The sorts of things that inhibit people to work at their best – from my experience, as well as much research – will be a lack of things like:

  • A sense of identity – Do the team agree about what they are there to achieve; do they feel connected to one another; are they proud?
  • Clarity of objectives – Are the team clear about and committed to their objectives?
  • Roles people hold and how they fit together – Do people understand their roles and how they fit with others ion the team? Do they understand how they can help each other be successful?
  • People are actively involved in decision-making – Are people involved in decisions about the work of the team and how it is carried out? Do people feel heard?
  • Constructive debate and healthy conflict – Do team members debate and challenge respectfully?
  • Effective communication – Do team members meet regularly to review performance and learn together? Is there effective communication outside of formal meetings?

This article summarises 8 characteristics of high performing teams really well.

That’s why, with my own events, I like to do things a bit differently – I know what it’s like to be a participant who is feeling really disengaged, and I take the investment seriously.

So at ConnectUp, we mix a bit of connection time together and enjoyment with relevant thinking, activity and action planning to make a real difference back at work.

mix connection time together and enjoyment with relevant thinking, activity and action planning to make a real difference back at work

Whether with you at your workplace, a venue of your choice, or with us in the beautiful New Forest, we pride ourselves in delivering value and meaning.

‘More Than Just a Fun Day Out’

Our 100% outdoor, full and half day events at Hoburne Bashley’s Woodland Centre.
We will design an approach that fits your needs, based on 2 elements – Forest Team Experience and Group Connection & Action Planning.

More Than Just a Fun Day Out – 100% outdoor

Forest Team Experience

There are several options of activity, all led by the Woodland Manager, Simon Hemsley. This element has been formulated to bring out the very best in individual team members by allowing them to develop their self confidence, creative expression and group participation. The experiences have been designed to encourage skills such as problem-solving, memory, communication, imagination, delegation and prioritisation. And of course, to be successful, people need to work well together.

Your choice of:

Plane Crash Scenario, Bushcraft, Tracking and Guided Walk and Talk

Simon Hemsley

Group Connection

This element will be designed based on your needs but will form a facilitated session, led by Jo Hompstead of ConnectUp. The aim will be designed to build empathy, understanding and consensus around what needs to happen to work productively and successfully. A key element of this session will be working up a plan together that you can take back into the workplace. Individuals will feel engaged with what needs to happen to build success, understand their role within that and feel connected as a team as they move forward together.

Jo Hompstead

Contact us to request a full brochure with prices.

If you are considering a team building exercise for your team, have a think about these 3 things:

✅ What do the team need? What will help them feel more engaged, able to do their work better, work more productively, or develop their services? Do they need help reconnecting after a year of being apart? Find ways to find out what they need and as appropriate include people in designing the event.

✅ Over and above having time together, how will you measure your investment? What changes or developments do you want to see as a result?

✅ How can you weave in meaning and impact that you can take back into the day job? How can you keep any learning, ideas and actions alive when you are back in the work environment?