How Healthy is your Team?


How Healthy is your Team?

Some things to consider to start you off

How well does your team function and how can you ensure it is effective in achieving its aims and creating a positive climate for success?

A sense of identity

We agree about what the team is there to achieve; we know who is in the team and feel a sense of affinity with other team members; we have a sense of distinctiveness as a team; we all feel positive or proud about being a part of this team.

Clarity of objectives

All members are clear about and committed to our objectives and these are challenging, clear, measured and centrally relevant to our work. We have no more than seven team objectives and all of them focus on improving our performance and functioning.

Roles people hold and how they fit together

We understand our own roles and how they fit with others within the team. We also understand each other’s roles clearly and how we can help each other be successful. And we do help and support each other by backing each other up in the performance of our individual roles.

People are actively involved in decision-making

All team members are actively involved in decision making about the work of the team and how it is carried out. Everyone contributes their views and there is supportive discussion of everyone’s inputs. Everyone’s view is valued equally, and we are good at listening carefully to each other.

We hold constructive debates

The team has constructive debates about how best to do our work and about how to improve our outcomes, but this is almost always respectful and not acrimonious. Team members come away from these debates saying the discussions were stimulating and useful rather than feeling angry or hurt.

We have effective communication

Team members meet regularly to review the performance of the team and to learn together. There is effective communication between all team members during and between these meetings. Team members generally look forward to these meetings because they are seen as useful and constructive.

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