Are you looking to build a productive, focused team who take ownership and accountability?

Do you want to build motivation?

Are you looking for ways to bring the team together meaningfully; perhaps less often or in different ways?

Are you bringing new people together into teams, or teams who have lost people and feel unsettled?

Are you witnessing poor behaviour, dysfunctional working, back-stabbing or low level moaning?

Are you facing a period of change or growth and need your team to work with you, not against you?

Is something just ‘not right’ but you’re not sure what it is?



At ConnectUp, we have a proven track record of:

  • Bringing teams together to work collaboratively and productively
  • Building accountability and ownership
  • Increasing motivation and engagement
  • Helping teams connect well in ways that work for them and serve the outcomes needed
  • Support teams to navigate change and uncertainty together and come out stronger
  • Surface, face into and deal with gripes and dissatisfaction, and move forward with responsibility
  • Understand what’s actually going on, so you can deal with the actual problem

How we do it:

  • Working with business leaders as a trusted advisor to understand your individual needs and create a bespoke plan (no ‘packages’ or ‘off the shelf’ solutions)
  • Creating trust and safety – fast – so we understand what’s going on and create a workable, targeted plan
  • Start with the assumption that people want the work environment to be the best it can be for them to perform well, and they usually have the answers
  • Build workable, meaningful plans that people engage with, feel accountability for, and understand their role in


At ConnectUp, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke solutions based on what your business needs.

So in reality, you are likely to need a combination of services. But as an idea of what we can do…

We will work with you to understand the changes you want to make, or the challenges, worries or concerns you have. This may be about things like productivity, engagement, culture, values and behaviours, or there may just be a disconnect that you need to understand. Acting as a trusted advisor, we provide a safe space in which we can discuss issues honestly before designing a strategy that will create a connected, engaged, and energised workforce, who work with purpose and fulfilment towards commercial success.

It’s likely you’ll have an idea of what’s going on for your people, but it’s useful to really find out. Through group work, or where this isn’t suitable, one to ones, we create a safe and trusting space to ask people what is going on for them, what they need to work at their best, and what ideas they have for improvement. This approach means the support that we design is targeted and you can be confident that it will work.

We offer skilled facilitation in any area, including business conversations, team meetings, team-building events, de-briefing, crowd-sourcing of ideas, ‘Lessons Learned’ sessions, strategy days, and mission reset events. We provide an independent perspective, and can ask the kinds of questions someone already inside an organisation might not.  

Ideas generated by your people are meaningful for them, and so they are likely to stick. During workshops we are not there to tell people what to do, but facilitate the kinds of conversations that lead to solutions. Culture resets, ways to improve productivity, and analysis of staff values and behaviour are popular workshop topics. We will look at things like: who are we as an organisation or team? Who do we want to be? What do we have to do in order to fulfil our strategy?

We design and deliver completely bespoke training for your individual needs. This might be around managing conflict, building and maintaining strong relationships remotely / virtually, the impact of poor behaviour, or anything else your teams need to be able to perform at their best.


The mediation work we offer helps resolve destructive conflict, gets relationships back on track and mitigates against costly disciplinary and grievance procedures. We provide mediation from groups as small as two, right up to entire teams. We understand the cost and impact on people and organisations of disciplinary and grievance activity, and so we would always advocate dealing with issues before they escalate. We also provide Conflict Training for leadership teams and individuals – see #ConnectUp Events page.

We bring groups or teams together and facilitate Thinking Space. Sometimes this is around a theme, problem or to generate ideas for action. There is also an opportunity to use Thinking Space to build empathy, understanding and trust within a group who may have been through significant change, disruption or specific individual experiences. It’s a great way of building a solid foundation to move forward together.




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